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Pulling a 5th wheel rv trailer is fairly simple requires a 3/4 ton pickup truck up to a one ton or more pickup truck.

Before pulling a 5th wheel rv, it is a good idea to check the tires for proper air pressure. (using an air gage is much better then just kicking the tire).

The driver should check to make sure all of the lights are working. The driver should make sure the 5th wheel is locked around the king pin.properly.

The driver should check all the vents to make sure they are closed. The driver should make sure the trialer is secure (no loose parts on the outside).

The driver should check the brakes to make sure they actually do work. A good way to check a rv 5th wheel trailer (s) brakes is to put the pickup truck in drive and push the brake controller button in to see if the trailer actually brakes without using the foot pedal of the pickup truck.

Once on the road, the driver should make sure he /she takes all turns wide enough to make the turn without hitting anything.

The driver should be aware of the weather ahead. Crosswinds will want to push on the trailer as driver is going forward.

Driver must be aware winds can make the driver lose control if not paying attention.

Driver should be aware of heavy rains to snow can cause the RV to not slow down as fast.

The above as well as many more reasons is reason enough to hire a professional company to move your 5th wheel camper trailer.

We stress before you have a transporter come to pick up your rv, you must make sure the personal contents of your trailer is secure. The roads can be very bumpy in certain areas which may cause dishes, lose items to shift inside your trailer.

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