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Guide to a Safe RV Transport

When towing a RV Trailer, it is best to go over this check list just below.

Tires: Make sure rv trailer tires have the required amount of air in each tire. To do this properly, use an actual air gage. Having a shortage of air in a tire can cause the tire to expand real fast when the tire gets hot causing a blow out.

Lights: Check all lights to make sure they are working. Brake, Tail, Turn, Marker lights. The main purpose for all lights working is for other drivers on the road to see the trailer from far behind. Also check to see if lights are clean, not cracked and securely mounted.

Wheels/Axel (s): Make sure all the bearings are greased properly. If a bearing is not greased on a trailer, there is a huge chance the bearing will seize and the whole wheel may come off.

Vents: Make vents are closed. If left open the winds from driving as well as cross winds might rip off vents.

Weight: A RV Camper Trailer is designed to handled its gross weight. If the gross weight of a trailer (gvw) is 11,000 pounds, then the trailer is designed to only handle its weight plus whatever is inside of it equaling no more than 11,000 pounds. This means do NOT over load your trailer. At one time we moved a camper trailer for a welder. The welder filled it up with steel angles for welding. The trailer was about 6000 pounds more than the GVW, this caused all of his tires to blow as well as spring issues. Do not overload a travel trailer or 5th wheel.

The hitch section: A fifth wheel rv trailer has a king pin hitch. Check the king pin to make sure it is secure! The king pin is the life line. This is what attaches to the 5th wheel on the truck that is pulling your trailer. If you have a travel trailer, then check the hitch section of it to make sure everything is secure.

When pulling a 5th wheel or Travel Trailer as well as gooseneck rv trailer, be aware of the weather ahead. Rain, Wind, Ice etc..may cause a very rough and unsafe drive. Also plan your route ahead. Know where the fuel stops are, and no where road construction big projects may be.

Make sure all items inside are secure. It is the responsibility of the shipper to make sure things such as personal items in cabinets are secure. Even at low speeds things that are not mounted can shake and fall.

We at Showroom Transport have very safe drivers. We are licensed, insured and bonded. Our experience goes back many many years.

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